River’s Edge Trail map

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Main Trail:   Paved   Dirt/Gravel       Singletrack:   Expert    Moderate   Easy

South Shore - Singletrack - Moderate Singletrack
South Shore to Lost Fork Loop Singletrack
West Bank Park - Non Motorized River Access
Upper North Shore Trail - Moderate Singletrack
Box Elder Creek Scenic View Scenic View
Upper North Shore Trail by Ryan's Dam - Expert Dirt/Gravel Trail Singletrack
Giant Springs State Park Fishing Area Fishing Handicap Accessible
North Shore - Dirt Moderate Dirt/Gravel Trail Singletrack
Upper North Shore Trail - Expert Singletrack
Cochrane Dam Scenic View Scenic View
Chaos Trail - EXPERT ONLY Singletrack
Lewis, Clark, and Sacajawea Sculpture Art Handicap Accessible Scenic View
Mayhem Trail Singletrack
Lost Fork Loop Singletrack
Equatorial Sundial Sculpture Art Handicap Accessible
North Shore Trail - Easy Dirt/Gravel Trail
Shovel Cone & Mosaic Metal Tower Sculptures Art Handicap Accessible
South Shore Singletrack - Easy Singletrack
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