Formalizing River’s Edge Trail Foundation’s partnership with the City of Great Falls

For more than 26 years, Rivers Edge Trail Foundation has enjoyed informal, congenial and highly productive working arrangements with the governmental stake holders of the trail system. We recently joined the City of Great Falls in producing a more formal arrangement with one another. The resulting agreement, referenced herein by Jenn Rowell, formalizes the ongoing Trail related interaction between the City of Great Falls and Rivers Edge Trail Foundation.

It is important to note that Rivers Edge Trail exists because of incredible support and generosity from a community that LOVES their trail. This world class trail system is the result of 26 years of dedicated, highly productive cooperation among trail stakeholders (City of Great Falls, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, and Cascade County). That Rivers Edge Trail Foundation continues to be able to supply donations and grants in support of their efforts is our duty, our pleasure and our privilege.

In 2015,  the city assumed full management of the trail and hired a trails coordinator in 2016 and also employs a seasonal worker in the trails division. The Trails Division budget for the current fiscal year is $122,273, which includes personnel, supplies, purchased services internal service charges.

Under the proposed agreement, RET Foundation will be responsible for making recommendations on the appropriate use of the funds they raise and may make recommendations on trail needs, potential artwork and ongoing maintenance and improvements. – Jenn Rowell, The Electric

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